mercredi 27 mars 2019

Une page de vie toulousaine

Direction Toulouse Centre

A page in our Toulousan life
On the way to downtown Toulouse

Les pelouses sont prises d'assaut par les jeunes.

Young people are invading the lawns.

Programme de remise en forme pour certains.

Fitness program on the menu.

Face au Dôme de la Grave 

Sitting side by side looking at the Dome of la Grave

Une belle lumière Place Saint Pierre

A golden light on Place Saint Pierre

The best ways of getting informations
Media coverage... Public awareness - Better inform the community - Advocating for change - Offering the best  in news coverage - Selection of videos on various topics - Society topics on billboards -

Do we live in a democracy? How to participate in a general strike - How do multinationals avoid taxes - What are the effects of soda for your health - How is heritage redistributed -

Is parity respected? - Allegory of the cave - Helping homeless people -

French Media...

Un repos bien mérité

A well deserved break

"Cocipro" Direct from the producers  - Vegetables - Fruits/Jam/Honey - Meat/Deli meats/Dairy products - Wine/Beers/Cider - Bulk products - Canned food - Herbal teas - Organic food or sustanaible agriculture -

Pending Democracy...

Sometimes we need to go out of oneself in order to find the inner joy

dimanche 24 mars 2019

Par la fenêtre

Le merle tenait en son manteau une plume blanche...

Looking out of the window
The black bird was clutching a white feather in the wing...

Toulouse Saint Simon, mars 2019

Le 27 mars:
Il s'agit de leucisme: chez les oiseaux, cette anomalie est due à un manque complet ou partiel des deux mélanines (eumélanine et phéomélanine)

Leucism: a condition in birds characterized by reduced or lack of two melanins (eumelanin and phaeomelanin).

lundi 18 mars 2019


Paris, février 2019

Nous traversions ce jour là Paris en voiture, il pleuvait...

As we travel by car through Paris where it was raining that day...

* En écho à Bergson

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